Critical Illness Coverage

Why Critical Illness?

Most Critical Illness diagnoses come with a heavy financial burden. At times, you will need extended time in a hospital or have a loved one take time off to care for you. With Critical Illness Insurance, you will receive a lump sum benefit up to $50,000 upon diagnosis.

Being critically ill is hard enough. Having the financial hardship in addition to your recovery can be avoided with this lump sum benefit. You can use this money as you see fit. 

Example of Benefits:

Janice was showering when she felt a small lump in her breast. After a biopsy by her doctor, she was told she had a rare type of breast cancer. Janice would need to undergo treatment. After lots of research, her family decided to go to a different state for the best treatment. Fortunately, unbeknown to Janice, her husband had purchased a $20,000 critical illness policy for her. During her treatment, her family was able to rent a home closer to the treatment facility and the benefit of the policy helped cover the financial burden she would have been left with.

Reoccurring Benefit: The benefit can be paid out more than one time if the insured is later diagnosed with the same of different condition separated by at least 6 months. Cancer will be covered more than one time if the insured is cancer and treatment free for at least 12 months before another diagnosis.

    The Benefits of Critical Illness Insurance:

    Critical Illness Insurance can be extremely helpful in providing needed cash to help with deductibles, co-pays, and other expenses related to a serious illness.

    Coverage Highlights

    • Pays a lump sum benefit upon diagnosis. Payable up to $50,000 for the diagnosis of many conditions, including but not limited to:
            • Cancer
            • Heart Attack
            • Stroke
            • End Stage Renal (Kidney) Disease
            • Major Organ Transplant
            • Coma
            • Paralysis
            • Alzheimer’s Disease
            • Severe Burns

    *Family Coverage is available with children covered at no additional cost.
    **Policy includes annual Health Screening Benefit.

      Critical Illness FAQs

      Do I have to have treatment to receive the benefit?

      No, the benefit amount is paid upon diagnosis.

      Are reoccurrences covered?

      If an insured collects benefits for a covered condition and is later diagnosed with the same condition, the benefit may be paid again provided that the two dates of diagnosis are separated by at least six months (12 months treatment-free for cancer/carcinoma in situ).