FEGLI Options for Government Employees

When you started your employment with the federal government or as a postal employee, it’s likely that you opted for the FEGLI life insurance program.

FEGLI stands for Federal Employees Group Life Insurance. The program consists of Basic Life Insurance (equal to the greater of your salary plus $2,000 or $10,000) and three types of optional insurance:

  • Option A, “Standard” — up to $10,000
  • Option B, “Additional” — one to five times your annual rate of pay (rounding up to next $1,000)
  • Option C, “Family” — one to five multiples of coverage for your spouse and eligible dependent children

In most cases, when you become a new employee, you are automatically covered by the Basic Life Insurance unless you waive the coverage.  You must have the Basic coverage in order to elect any of the other options. Unlike the Basic coverage, enrollment in the Optional coverage is not automatic.

There are a few things you need to know about FEGLI and how the FEGLI Calculator can help you make informed decisions about your life insurance needs today, and for your retirement.  If you are planning to retire soon, it is very beneficial for you to visit the FEGLI Calculator as quickly as possible.


What the FEGLI Calculator will do for you:

  • You will be able to calculate your premiums based on the many combinations you have chosen for your life insurance coverage and the cost as a federal or postal employee. The FEGLI Calculator will allow you to make decisions about your future life insurance choices through the FEGLI program by being able to see the impact on premium cost and life insurance death benefit amounts over the lifetime of your employment. Will you be able to afford the FEGLI insurance as you get older? Do you need to supplement with additional outside coverage?
  • You will be able to view what choices you can make to your FEGLI life insurance upon your retirement from the government. The calculator is interactive and will allow you to see exactly what your options are in regard to the monthly premiums and the amount of your death benefit at retirement and beyond.

You may already know the necessary information that you will need to use the FEGLI Calculator. If you do not, your paycheck stub will show you which FEGLI options you have chosen. You can normally view your paycheck by logging into your payroll system.  If you have trouble logging in or have never logged in to your payroll system, you can contact Human Resources to assist you. To decipher any codes that are on your paycheck stub that will help you to determine what you have in regard to FEGLI, please visit the Standard Form 50 Insurance Codes Translator at https://www.opm.gov/retirement-services/calculators/fegli-calculator/codes-on-a-notification-of-personnel-action-sf50/ .

To use the FEGLI calculator from OPM, click here.


 What you need for the Calculator:

  1. Your current annual base pay
  2. Your present age
  3. How you are paid – usually this is the biweekly selection
  4. What options you have, for Example: Option A (the additional $10,000), Option B (this is the option that can be up to 5 times your salary, Option C (for your spouse or children)
  5. You must choose if you are a postal employee or a federal employee

Once your information is input into the calculator, click on “Calculate”, review your information and then click “Next” to continue.  The first calculations will then appear and give you an excellent tool to review your options while you are working for the Federal Government.

The second set of calculations, which are further down on the page, will be to calculate your coverage and associated costs following your retirement.

No matter where you are in your career as a federal or postal employee, the FEGLI Calculator is a valuable resource that you should visit to ensure you are on track with your family’s financial stability today and moving forward into retirement.