Life Insurance

Life Insurance

As a government employee, you are given the opportunity to enroll in the Federal Employee’s Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) program. This program gives you the ability to purchase coverage at up to five (5) times your base salary. The premiums start out very low but increase as you get older (every five years.) Many people find this coverage unaffordable as they age and are forced to drop the coverage.

The Federal Employee Benefits Association offers alternative life insurance programs, which in many cases can save you thousands of dollars compared to the FEGLI coverage. Various plans are available including Term Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, and Whole Life Insurance.

We offer guaranteed issue and simplified issue.

This plan can also be designed to meet your individual needs.

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Explore your options for supplemental life insurance

Why Life Insurance?

If someone you love is at risk of facing financial hardship upon your death, it is likely that you require life insurance.

Life insurance offers a payout to your loved ones upon your passing. This payout, also referred to as the death benefit, can serve as a substitute for your income and assist your family in covering funeral expenses, medical bills, college education and daily living expenses.

It is worth noting that life insurance benefits are typically exempt from federal income tax if the premiums are paid by the policyholder.

If you died tomorrow, how would your loved ones fare financially?

  • Would they have the money to pay for your final expenses (e.g., funeral costs, medical bills, taxes, debts, attorney fees, etc.)?
  • Would they be able to meet ongoing living expenses like the rent or mortgage, food, clothing, transportation costs, healthcare, etc?
  • Would your surviving spouse have sufficient savings to financially support the children’s college education or ensure a comfortable retirement?

    The truth is, it’s always a struggle when you lose someone you love. But your emotional struggles don’t need to be compounded by financial difficulties. Life insurance helps make sure that the people you care about will be provided for financially, even if you’re not there to care for them yourself. So whether you’re young or old, married or single, have children or don’t, take a moment to consider how life insurance might fit into your financial plans.

    Did you know that…

    • Many U.S. households would be inadequately prepared if the primary wage earner died.
    • 1 in 4 feel they don't have a plan in place to provide a decent standard of living for their family if they died tomorrow.
    • Many Americans have no financial professionals to turn to. Almost 3/4 of Americans don't have a personal financial planner or advisor

    Sources: LIMRA International, Life Insurance Ownership Study, Facts About Life 2005.

    Different types of life insurance

    Term Life Insurance

    Provides substantial life insurance protection at a fixed premium for a specified period of time.

    Universal Life Insurance

    Offers a death benefit, with flexible premiums while accumulating cash value.

    Whole Life Insurance

    Provides lifetime coverage at a fixed rate premium that builds favorable cash values over time.

    Life Insurance FAQs

    What is the difference between Term and Whole Life?

    Term Life coverage is for a specified period of time, which could be 10, 15, 20 or even 30 years. This option has the most affordable rates.

    Whole Life coverage is permanent coverage for your lifetime that builds cash value over the years.

    Is Life Insurance tax-free?

    The policy death benefit is tax free if paid to an individual. If paid to an estate, then the death benefit must go through probate. 

    What is the difference between FEGLI and other life insurance options?

    FEGLI is the life insurance plan that is offered to government employees. The premiums for this coverage increase as you get older. Our alternative products can offer a fixed premium for the lifetime of the policy, which could save you a significant amount of money.